martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

About stuff I learned when I was away and the ways I'm trying to fit it in my old/new life.

I would like to speak about one person only.

This person and I have a few issues that we have to discuss.
One of the problems is that life (my life actually) has changed me in so many ways that it's turned everything upside down.

First of all, I now consider myself a TRF-MAKOP (trully responsible for my ass kind of person) but this person doesn't seem to think the same. In fact, I think, this person considers that I'm not the R at all... not with myself, or stuff or someone else.

So, as you can see, this person and I have reached a place where no understanding can came between our fights.

Dealing every day with life, as you grow up, becomes more and more dificult. Sometimes you get your way, sometimes you don't (as I remember Mom telling me all the time) But acepting the fact that you don't get your way (when you are like me) is really stressfull... In fact, that's one thing I hate to deal with: not getting what I want.

I can understan when there's X number of people that are trying to get their ways, and getting their ways meaning you don't get yours. In this case I can accept a failiure.

But this person does not think I cant give in at all, and the one big problem is (and I'm sorry for what I'm about to say) that she's always looking for ways to show me how wrong I am when I choose the way I'm gonna go on things, in general. I mean, this person has already decided that I'm one person who she constantly has to fight with becouse she will always want to get her way, but she won't hear about a bunch of other things that are happening to me at that moment that make me react the way I do, nor she thinks that maybe I have a B-plan so everyone can get their way, including her.

I was a teacher, I didn't go to school so I could learn how to teach. So this learning process was held while I was teaching small children.
The first thing I learned there, is one thing I don't seem to forget (except when it comes down to dealing with this one person and all the other small/big persons that come from the first person)is PATIENCE!

Patience is a virtue, that's true, but I've found out by myself that patience was never meant for human beings, that's WHY is a virtue.

In your life you GOTTA find it somehow, or reach it or learn it.

Becouse you see, patience is the one thing that can show you how to do ALL the other stuff people ask you to do: go to school, go to college, get a job, pay your rent, get along with work people, get along with your roomate, or your brothers, or even your sister!, get to know stuff, get to MAKE stuff... All in life is patience, the trully remarkable persons are the ones that can live their life with patience all along, that's one thing I'm sorry to say I haven't learn yet.

So here it is, I'm asking you to be patient with me.

Believe me, I KNOW I'm one difficult young woman, doughter, sister, girl, human.
And I know I can get irrational, childlish, selfish, but I trust the one thing I learned when I was away....

can you be patient with me so we can get our life back on track?

I love you and always will, no matter how hard it turns out to be. You are the one thing I know will always be there for me, even when your gone. Just like Carlos.

So please, can I have another chance? just one more...
and please, can we not mess it up again?

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  1. Tú te creas tus oportunidades :)

    Ya mero es sábado de resultados :S

    3 besos

  2. I promise to be patient. And yes, let's give EACH OTHER another chance, and if we mess it up again, hopefully we'll find a way to come to an understanding that much faster thanks to this entry of your bog. Love to read you in English and congrats for getting in to the U!!!